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Vinyl floors and Amtico flooring deep cleaned, stripped and sealed to perfection in Clitheroe. We can remove stubborn dirt from rubber floors and renew the shine back on your vinyl floor!

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Altro Safety flooring or vinyl floors are most commonly found in buildings that have a large footfall and need to be durable and tough. Even though many commercial clients in Clitheroe prefer a shiny finish, the floor also need to be hard-wearing and slip-resistant.

It is essential that you book in a periodical deep clean of vinyl floors or safety flooring to remove the accumulation of dust, dirt, sand, grit, grime, oil and soil that can be trapped in the layers of old sealant.

If you feel that your tired old vinyl flooring is in need of a lift, please call us for a quick assessment of your flooring and we will provide a free quotation in no time! We are also happy to hand out free advice too!

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Approximately 80% of the dirt and soiling that has to be cleaned off a floor has been trafficked in from outside the building. More than 90% of that soiling can be avoided by the use of an effective entrance matting system. When less dirt is trafficked through the entrance there will be a reduction in maintenance requirements.

*Regular cleaning is more cost-effective and hygienic than occasional heavy-duty cleaning.

* Wipe up any grease and oil spills immediately and treat stains as soon as they are observed.

* Black rubber wheels and rubber furniture feet can discolour the floor-covering. The hard plastic is preferred.

* Always follow the manufacturer’s dosage instructions regarding the use of cleaning chemicals.


Floor maintenance begins immediately after the completion of installation. The initial step is to remove any loose dirt or debris using a dry mop, broom or vacuum. Sand, construction debris and sharp-edged objects may result in irreparable damage being inflicted to the new floor.

* Remove any visible adhesive residue using a damp cloth. Once the adhesive has cured it will be difficult to remove.

* If other trades are working in the building after the installation of the flooring, the floor must be protected from subsequent damage by the use of thick paper, cardboard or hardboard.

* No wet maintenance must take place until 72 hours (3 days) have elapsed from the time of installation. This is to ensure that the adhesive has sufficient time to cure properly and develop full bond strength.


Dust mop or vacuum the floor to remove loose soil and dust.

* Dilute FloorworX Stripper 1:5 with clean water in a suitable container. Apply the diluted FloorworX Stripper solution to the floor using a flat mop and leave for a few minutes before scrubbing with an automatic scrubbing machine or a rotary machine fitted with a black pad. Do not flood the floor and do not allow the stripper residue to dry on the floor.

* Remove the residue immediately after scrubbing using a wet/dry vacuum.

* Rinse the floor using a solution of FloorworX Rinse diluted 1:10 with clean water by means of a flat mop to neutralise the FloorworX Stripper and remove any residue using a wet/dry vacuum.

* Rinse the floor again using clean water and a flat mop and, after removing any visible moisture using a wet/dry vacuum, allow sufficient time for the floor to dry thoroughly.

* Using a lambswool applicator, apply a thin, even coating of FloorworX Silk Matt or Gloss Sealer at a rate of 20m2 per litre. Allow sufficient time for the coating to dry thoroughly.

* Apply the 2nd coat of FloorworX Silk Matt or Gloss Sealer at right angles to the initial coat and allow sufficient time to dry thoroughly. Ensure that the floor is not trafficked between coats.

* Apply the 3rd and final coat of FloorworX Silk Matt or Gloss Sealer at right angles to the previous coat and allow sufficient time to dry thoroughly.

* Once the initial strip and seal process is complete, ensure that the mops, pads and lambswool applicators are rinsed thoroughly in warm water and allowed to dry for re-use.

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We want your new LVT floor to become a design and functional feature for many years to come, to help you
achieve this we have laid out the following floorcare guidelines.

Each product in our two LVT collections feature
a polyurethane reinforcement (PUR) within a hard-wearing surface, providing protection against everyday wear,
ensuring optimum long-term performance of your floor. Furthermore, both our LVT collections do not harbour dust
mites or bacteria, making them ideal for the home environment.


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